Congratulations Messages

Congratulations Messages on Engagement

If you know someone who recently got engaged, you must wish him/her today. Getting engaged is one of the beautiful parts in life for everyone, and the participation of friends and relatives can make these moments more exciting. That’s why you must wish your friends, family members, and others on their engagements. Don’t worry anymore, we will assist you to get fresh and crispy congratulations messages on engagement. You can read and copy all the following congratulation wishes for engagement.

Congratulations Messages on Engagement

Congratulations Messages on Engagement

I am thankful to God because you are engaged now. You are now senior and responsible. I wish you all the best for your future. Happy engagement.

I always felt that you would find a beautiful partner. Your engagement has proved that I was right. I am very much delighted to see you satisfied.

Many congratulations to you for your engagement. You are a great guy, and I hope you know all of your responsibilities for your life partner. Best wishes.

May God help you at all stages of your life. May you enjoy all the moments of your future married life. I wish you all the best for your future.

Now no one can replace you for your partner. You are the one who is most important to your partner. Best wishes.

I listened about your engagement and laughed at your luck. You are such a lucky person because you have such beautiful moments in life.

There is no other event that can replace the happiness to be engaged. Fortunately, you are now engaged. I am glad and congratulates you.

Now your life has changed completely. You were a single person, but now you have reasons to be a romantic person. God bless you.

I saw you when you exchanged engagement rings with each other. Understand me; I was able to recall my engagement days because of real joy in my heart.

You are like the earth for your partner. Your partner is like a sky for you. You both cannot live without each other. May you spend a long, happy life.

Engagement Congratulation Wishes for Lover

Engagement Congratulation Wishes for Lover

I hope you both have a long, happy life. May God grant you all happiness in your life. May you help others and never see bad days in life.

An engagement ceremony is a time which is a golden time for everyone. Now you have that gold in your life. My best wishes and prayers are always with you.

I am satisfied because you found a good life partner for you. I wish you will get marry soon. God bless you.

You are engaged now, and you must make goodbye all bad habits if you have in life. I want you to have a sincere and happy engaged life with your partner.

I can see the name which is there on your heart. Your heart beats only for that name. I wish you all the best for the upcoming days of your life.

You with your partner is a beautiful couple. I hope you understand the importance of each other and ready to share the love. Many congratulations to both of you.

My love is always with you to support you, my friend. You are the one who deserves a happy married life. I am sure you will get marry soon.

An engagement is a sign that you will be a slave of your partner forever. Be happy because your partner has a beautiful heart. Accept my best wishes.

You have made a lot of records in life. Your most prominent career is to engage with a lovely person in our society. I am glad to hear about your engagement.

God always gives us opportunities to change our lives. I am glad to see that you took all the advantages of such opportunities. God bless you.

What to Write in an Engagement Card

What to Write in an Engagement Card

May your new life be with full of enjoyment and excitement. May you get the complete pleasure of your married life. God will surely help you.

Today is a day of celebrations and enjoyment. Today is a day when two heart met with each other for entire life. Accept my kind regards to your engagement.

Your engagement is showing that you want to start a new journey in life. Now you are the owner of two hearts. Always be ready to sacrifice for your partner. Best wishes.

Many congratulations to you for your engagement. You have proved that everyone wanted to engage with you. You chose the best and right person.

Now you and your partner are birds of love tree. You must live together to increase your mutual love and pleasure. Best wishes for your future life.

I am satisfied to see you engaged with the right person. You are talented and deserved the right personality with you as a life partner. Congratulations.

I am happy and want to celebrate your engagement ceremony every day until you will marry. No one is happier than me on your engagement.

May you come closer to your partner. May you listen to the wishes of each other. May you help each other to enjoy your engaged life. Happy engage life wishes for you.

You have changed your future. I am sure now your life will be more entertaining and full of joy than ever before. Many congratulations to you.

You have made a beautiful announcement of your life. I will surely join your engagement ceremony. Be ready to achieve the first love goal in your life.

I am sure this engagement will open new doors of enjoyment in your life. You, with your life partner, will surely help me to find the right partner for me. Thanks in advance.

The charming occasion of your engagement is with us. I am feeling proud to be a member of your social life. I wish you all the best for your upcoming married life.

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