Muhammad Jamshaid owner of Classic Computer

Muhammad Jamshaid owner of Classic Computer

Thanks for landing on the ‘About Us’ Page of  Here, I am going to share some background information about ‘’ and Muhammad Jamshaid(Guy behind ).

About was started back in 6 May 2014.
So here are some of the reasons Why I launched this website.

=> Happy Birthday Wishes Messages
=> Wedding anniversary Wishes Messages
=> World Most Popular Festival.
=> Most Popular Sms
=> Good Morning Wishes Messages
=> Good Night wishes Messaegs
=> and Many More

The main purpose of this website is provide latest Birthday Wishes Messages, Quotes, Poems. Anniversary Wishes Messages, Quotes, The World Most Popular Festival like Happy New Year, Mother’s Day Wishes, Father’s Day Wishes, Chinese New Year, Happy Independence Day from All over the World. Labor Day and Most Popular Sms like Good Morning Sms, Good Night Sms, Islamic sms like Jumma Mubarak Sms etc.

About the Author

My name is Muhammad Jamshaid — The guy behind this blog.

A Graduate Student and a young part-time blogger and Owner of Classic Computer from Jauharabad, Punjab Pakistan.

I hope you will enjoy the blog with Full Entertainment.

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